Kigali Kicks HFC Ass


25 October 2016
HFC Greenhouse Gases
Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley via Wikimedia
A few days spent in Kigali, Rwanda by government officials from around the world in October made it to the front page of media outlets. And, why?
​They agreed to phase-down HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons) in their countries at various stages to get rid of these greenhouse gases. 

​It was not a perfect agreement, in that some commentators wanted more phase-down faster. But, developing countries said they needed more time to wean themselves of HFCs. But, the fact is that it was an important moment for the planet and humans. 

​​The Kigali agreement means businesses and organisations will have to adopt new refrigerants with low global warming potentials (GWP). And, they will probably have to invest in new systems when their old units break down. That is good for our industry.
Big questions about refrigerants is which low GWP refrigerant to use and how long will they be viable to use? Some refrigerants have ultra-low GWPs, which suggests they might be around for longer. Which suggests that professionals in our industry need to help their customers focus not just on the capital expense of new systems, but the total cost of ownership of a new cooling system which uses a low GWP refrigerant. 

Read more about the agreement here.
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