Enter The ACR & Heat Pump Trainee of the Year Awards

Entry notes for ALL candidates and/or their employer or nominator:

  • The judges assess YOUR entry on the evidence that YOU provide in answering every section. Please present your evidence fully: the judges cannot assess what is not presented to them.
  • Take time to prepare your entry in advance: if you leave it to the last minute, you will leave out important details, and fail to do yourself justice.
  • We recommend that you work with your employer/nominator to ensure that your entry presents a full picture of your experience and skills. Even if your entry is being made on your behalf by your nominator (perhaps your trainer), we recommend that you check it to ensure all relevant information and details are there.
  • Employer/nominator: please be realistic when assessing the qualities of your candidate. The judges are not expecting perfection.
  • Make a final check of your entry before submitting it: have you completed every part? Once submitted, it will not be returned to you to fill in any blank sections.

Entries will be open shortly 

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