Enter The ACR & Heat Pump Trainee of the Year Awards

Entries to the ACR & Heat Pump Trainee Of The Year Awards are NOW open!

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1. Project Engineer 

This new category covers a number of areas within our trade. You could be training to be a designer of refrigeration systems, training to be a project manager or involved in the service office planning PPM, then this category will recognise the value you bring to our trade. 

2Sales & Support Services 

Sales, purchasing and other support services are in integral part of any successful business and we would like to encourage trainee staff to come forward and enter this new category for a chance to be recognised as part of our trade. Engineers are only one cog in a company machine and need the help of others to provide a great service. You may work for a contractor, or a manufacturer/distributor, and be learning the skills required to sell, support, monitor refrigeration, heat pumps or air conditioning systems in this challenging environment. 

3. Heat Pump Installation Engineer 

Are you a Heat pump Engineer who installs, maintains, and services a variety of ground source and/or air source heat pumps. If you are able to be able to demonstrate multiple disciplines in electrical, mechanical and plumbing skills as well as set up, and knowledge on system operational skills then becoming a finalist within this category will be great for your future progress.

4. Heat Pump Service Engineer 

This category is ideal for those service engineers who find faults, carries out repairs and maintenance, and services and tests HVAC units and systems. There may also be some installation work involved.

The role can be crucial in preventing critical issues with HVAC systems and is definitely a job which should be recognised more.

5. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Service Engineer 

Are you a refrigeration or air-conditioning engineer who is responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment? The demand for HVAC technicians within his sector is rising, but not enough people are entering this field.

This means that this is the right moment for you to enter this category and be recognised as one of the best within your field. Your career will only benefit.

6. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Installation Engineer 

If you are an air-conditioning & refrigeration installation engineer working on air quality and cooling systems in buildings, storage and transport then this your category. This is a very skilled role and by becoming a finalist within this category demonstrates to you customers you’re among the best in your field.