Wireless temperature control


08 November 2018
Tom Jeffery of Electroserv+ with the Tekon system
Macclesfield-based Electroserv+ has introduced a new product to the UK which it says provides an effective solution to industrial process monitoring.
The Tekon by Electroserv+ wireless temperature sensor can sit in temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as 80°C. It is said to be capable of handling the most demanding applications and can integrate into existing process control systems.
Simon Fisher, director at Electroserv+, said: “This technology is new to the UK, but it is the next logical and innovative step for industrial process monitoring systems. This is a great replacement for traditional cabling which is expensive, time consuming and is always at risk of being cut. The wireless temperature sensors are a great example of Industry 4.0 and how it is moving forward.
“Factories have changed, machines aren’t just built and kept in place anymore. Machinery moves around now and there is a need for different areas of the factory to see information from another area. This new technology enables that to happen and allows for flexibility.”
Electroserv+ has installed a wireless temperature sensor within two large UK companies to enable high quality process controlling throughout various industries.

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