Voice Control from Panasonic


12 August 2019
Panasonic has introduced Voice Control with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to its air conditioning portfolio.

Homeowners who are used to controlling their lighting and audio with their voice can now also set preferences for their Panasonic air conditioning system to create the desired environment. Once paired with a Panasonic air conditioning unit via the Comfort Cloud app, homeowners can use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for simple tasks such as on/off, operating modes, temperature settings and checking operating status.
A customised routine can also be created via settings in the Google Home app or Alexa Routines. Commands such as “OK, Google, Good Morning” can be programmed to set the desired temperature.

Voice Control is also compatible with Panasonic PACi solutions for the commercial sector. Users can pre-determine working environments to provide the most suitable climate. For example, settings on the Comfort Cloud app such as temperature can be activated by voice command to pre-cool an office before employees arrive. This service can be administered by any worker via Amazon Alexa, or by inviting them to join via the Google Home app.

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