Vireo re-launched as ComfoAir


05 February 2020
The new ComfoAir 155 WMe features a high flow heat exchanger for enhanced performance The new ComfoAir 155 WMe features a high flow heat exchanger for enhanced performance

Ventilation specialist Zehnder Group UK is re-launching the Greenwood Vireo MVHR unit as the Zehnder ComfoAir, as it brings all MVHR products under the Zehnder brand.

Part of the Swiss-based Zehnder Group, the company says ComfoAir features a number of improvements and upgrades, including quieter running levels, optional third speed and spare parts available on request.

Four models
The ComfoAir is available in four new variants, three of which replace former Vireo models. The fourth variant, the ComfoAir 155 WMe, is a  new model featuring a high flow heat exchanger for enhanced performance.

The models available are:

  • ComfoAir 155 WM (wall mounted) – replacing the Vireo HR155WM
  • ComfoAir 155 CM (ceiling mounted) – replacing the Vireo HR155CM
  • ComfoAir 185 WM (wall mounted) – replacing the Vireo HR185WM
  • ComfoAir 155 WMe (wall mounted) – Brand new model with high flow heat exchanger

Hardware and software updates
The new units feature a number of hardware changes, including new motors, a new flying lead and a new PCB. Software changes include a new optional third speed. This additional speed can be used as a holiday or away setting meaning the unit can be switched to a lower speed when occupants are away for long periods of time, saving running costs and energy. It could alternatively be used as a medium speed or purge mode to combat overheating during the summer months.

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All models also come with a quick user and installer guide, to ensure ease of use and simple installation and maintenance. The changes mean significant improvements to the units SFP (Specific Fan Power). 

Key benefits
As well as delivering approximately 5dB lower noise output than older models, the new ComfoAir range also demonstrates better pressure handling and higher flow rate capacities. For users, the key benefits are improved flow and quieter performance. Other benefits include:

  • Space saving and compact unit size
  • Commissioning wizard
  • Automatic 100% filtered summer bypass
  • Left or right hand configuration via the software only
  • Integral humidity sensor with new sensitivity mode
  • Independently tested noise data

Rupert Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager, Ventilation Products and Systems, at Zehnder Group UK, said: “We know from our years of experience working with consultants, contractors and installers that unit performance, ease of installation and manageable unit size all rank highly in terms of importance when choosing and fitting MVHR units. 

“The new ComfoAir models deliver improvements in each of these areas, whilst also offering end-users a quieter experience. Updating the Vireo units and bringing them under the Zehnder brand means we can offer our customers not only market leading performance, but also access to spare parts, advice and support from across the Zehnder portfolio.”