Nuaire adds UNI-X to Xboxer range


31 August 2023

Nuaire has expanded its Xboxer heat recovery range with the addition of the UNI-X unit, which has now been rebranded to Xboxer Universal.

Since its launch in 2017 as a ventilation solution for student accommodation, the UNI-X has proven to be a suitable solution across a wider range of applications than anticipated, including schools, hospitals, offices, care homes, and apartments. In line with this wider appeal, Nuaire has rebranded the UNI-X units as Xboxer Universal, part of the Xboxer heat recovery range.

Xboxer Universal is available in three models - UNIX-220, UNIX-360 and UNIX-580 - with the largest model having enough duty to ventilate a cluster of up to 12 rooms.  

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The unit needs a maximum depth of 295mm, enabling it to fit neatly into low ceiling voids. Once installed, the unit is said to be easy to maintain with the G3 filter accessible from the underside of the unit, meaning the highest indoor air quality levels can be maintained.

The Xboxer Universal range features Nuaire’s in-line carbon filter range, IAQ-BOX, which filters out up to 99.5% of harmful N02 and up to 80% of Particulate Matter (PM). Nuaire’s all-in-one thermal ducting range, Ductmaster Thermal, can also be specified to improve thermal efficiency and reduce installation time.