Update for COOL-FIT system


27 November 2018
When GF Piping Systems first introduced its COOL-FIT pre-insulated system, it promised a new approach to the way refrigeration applications could be planned, installed and operated.

Now, the company says COOL-FIT 4.0 is "a technological leap for users with the highest demands for production and process safety and maintenance of high quality food storage facilities." It adds that COOL-FIT 4.0 helps users work with maximum efficiency. while simultaneously reducing maintenance and operating costs.
COOL-FIT 4.0 is a complete system of factory pre-insulated pipelines, fittings, valves and hoses for secondary cooling with brine, glycol and ethanol, as well as water in the range of – 50°C to 60°C.

Mark Bulmer, global segment manager cooling at GF Piping Systems, said: “COOL-FIT 4.0 brings the unique advantages of our pre-insulated systems to users with the most demanding cooling and freezing applications. These include companies in food and beverage production, such as fruit and vegetable processors, slaughterhouses, breweries and supermarkets.”
The media pipe, insulation and shell of are made of high-quality plastics and so are corrosion and maintenance-free throughout the system’s operating life. This reduces expensive interruptions of operation and lowers maintenance costs and personnel requirements.

For more information, visit the GF Piping Systems website.
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