TROX PWX for prestige project


16 April 2019
air conditioning fan coil unit manufacturer
Two Chamberlain Square. Photograph: Glenn Howells Architects
TROX will supply PWX fancoils for the second building at Paradise, Birmingham - Two Chamberlain Square. 

BAM Construction chose TROX units for the project, which will see the 183,000 sq ft office building, designed by  Glenn Howells Architects, join the first building in offering a total 350,000+ sq ft of Grade 1 office space as part of the Paradise masterplan, inspired by the Victorian architecture of the city’s Grade 1 listed Town Hall and Council House.
Launched in 2017, the PWX was the result of an extensive research and development programme involving a comprehensive rethink of fancoil technology. As a result, TROX says, specifiers are able to input exact performance criteria for a wide range of thermal and acoustic scenarios, instead of having to rely on ‘anticipated’ or ‘expected’ data. 

The PWX units feature new inlet attenuators, inlet plenums and discharge attenuators which TROX says are capable of achieving outstanding performance across a wide range of applications.
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