Tray fitting made simple


15 January 2019
Electrician Karl Pettit has developed a cable tray mounting spacer which he says offers improved installation time of all sizes of light and medium duty cable tray for air conditioning and refrigeration contractors.

TraySimple, which has taken four years to develop, is a plastic spacer that replaces the need to use either metal channel or stand-off brackets when installing cable tray onto walls and floors.
Nottingham-based Karl said: “I am an electrician working in the air conditioning industry and the one job I did not look forward to was the cutting of metal channel and the installation of cable tray.''

The individual spacers clip into a perforation on the tray, which is placed in position then drilled and fixed through the tray and spacer, securing the cable tray to the wall.

One spacer can be used to space the tray 21mm from the wall, to match up with tray already installed on shallow channel, or two spacers can be clipped together to provide a spacing of 41mm, to match up with deeper channels.

Karl added: “It’s ideally suited to external and internal pipework risers and around the floor of a compound or the roof of a cold room. The spacer can also be secured to the tray using a roofing bolt, with either a square or hexagonal nut inserted within the base of the spacer, in order to provide support in areas where a fixing cannot be used. Such as the transition of a cable tray run over a capstone around the perimeter of a flat roof.”

TraySimple is available from Trentside Fixings in Nottingham, FCC in Mansfield (part of the ERF Electrical Group) and nationwide from Edmundson Electrical.
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