Trane updates heating/cooling offer


25 August 2020
Sintesis Balance CMAF from Trane

Trane has launched the latest addition to its range of multi-pipe units for simultaneous cooling and heating, the Sintesis Balance CMAF.

Simultaneous heating and cooling by a single unit eliminates the need for separate boiler and chiller systems to fulfil buildings’ cooling needs in the summer, heating in the winter or both throughout the year. 

Trane says the CMAF uses renewable and recovered energy to produce hot water and can replace the existing fossil-fuel boiler and chiller system to deliver both chilled water and hot water for the entire building with no direct greenhouse gas emissions. This contributes to decarbonisation of buildings and creating better air quality in and around the building.

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The new models are said to be significantly more efficient when compared to oil and gas boilers. CMAF offers Total Efficiency Ratio (TER) of up to 8.2 and Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 3,35 – highest levels of all air-sourced scroll multi-pipe units available on the European market. The expanded operating map allows CMAF to deliver hot water with temperatures up to 68ºC. The heating capabilities of the unit also makes it a very good choice for building applications in climatic regions where ambient air temperatures go down to minus 18ºC.
Jose La Loggia, president of Trane in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "Trane works closely with builders and building owners to create energy efficient and more climate friendly buildings. Today, half of the energy used in buildings is on heating and cooling, and most of the European commercial buildings are heated with gas or oil boilers. The CMAF is an example of product development that can create a sustainable heating sector, contribute to mitigating climate change and reducing carbon footprint. As new and existing building today will be in use for decades to come, by introducing solutions like the CMAF we clear the pathway to reducing direct use of fossil fuels while also bringing significant savings to the building owners’ bottom lines.''

Louis Rompre, portfolio manager at Trane Europe, added: "Sintesis Balance CMAF builds on over a century of Trane’s expertise in creating efficient chillers and brings this competency to the heating market. Complementing our full portfolio of chillers, heat pumps and multi-pipe units, the CMAF was designed as an innovative, emission-free heating and cooling system that leverages renewable technology, full heat recovery and repurposing of that heat. Additionally it builds on the renowned and proven Sintesis platform and many of the components and technologies with proven reliability records.