Trane launches new Flex2O range


05 February 2020
Trane says the range has been designed for maximum energy efficiency Trane says the range has been designed for maximum energy efficiency

Trane is launching a new range of water-cooled chillers and water source heat pumps with scroll technology. The new Flex2O solutions are said to provide year-round comfort and process cooling and/or heating efficiency and suitable for all commercial and industrial application requirements.

The water to water heat pump units meet the highest Ecodesign efficiency class A+++ and address environmental and sustainability issues in urban areas, offering an efficient alternative for traditional gas or oil fuelled boilers and compatibility with geothermal applications. 

The Flex20 chillers already exceed seasonal efficiency thresholds (SEER) mandatory from January 2021 according to the EU Ecodesign Regulation for chillers. The compact units are designed for new and replacement projects in city centres and buildings with limited space and access. 

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“Heating and cooling significantly contributes to energy consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings and thoughtful decisions today can have a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings for decades to come,” said Louis Rompré, portfolio manager at Trane Europe. “At Trane we design our HVAC solutions for maximum energy efficiency and we work with customers to help them make their new and existing buildings perform better and be more climate friendly. Solutions like Flex20 are a step towards reduction in carbon emissions offering increased energy efficiency and an option to use electrification for heating instead of fossil fuel.”

The modular design allows combining up to six units managed by one FlexMaster controller, giving building owners additional flexibility once their heating and cooling demand grows or changes throughout the lifespan of the facility and they require to extend the capacity of the system.

Key features

  • Scalability up to 930 kW cooling or 1,100 kW heating capacity with six units combined with FlexMaster controller. The optional FlexMaster controller allows for connecting and managing up to six Flex20 and/or Flex II modular units through one single master controller. It can also manage external and integrated water pumps.
  • Large operating map to address specific design criteria of applications like in hospitals, office buildings, larger apartment buildings, warehouses and industrial applications:
  • Chilled water temperatures between -7°C and +25°C
  • Hot water temperatures up to +60°C
  • Optimized for connection to HVAC systems based on air handling units, under floor heating, radiators or chilled beams.
  • All Flex20 CGWF chillers pass the seasonal energy efficiency thresholds (SEER) mandatory from January 1st, 2021, as stipulated in the EU Ecodesign Regulation for chillers. All Flex20 CXWF heat pump models meet the highest Ecodesign efficiency class, being A+++.
  • Compact and smart design allowing for moving the unit through doors and into service elevators, and positioning it with a long side adjacent to the wall, while ensuring full access to major components.