Trane launches CXAF


17 December 2018
Trane has introduced CXAF, a new range of high efficiency large air-cooled heat pumps within its Sintesis Advantage portfolio. The company says the new units can meet the cooling and heating demands of medium to large sized commercial buildings and deliver best in class efficiency levels.
Jose La Loggia, vice president and general manager of Trane in Europe, said: “With the development of the CXAF we aim to make the air-cooled heat pump technology more affordable and advance the electrification of heating to offset the use of fossil fuels for heating and thus reduce our carbon footprint. This new heat pump aligns with innovation strategy to offer our customers more options for sustainability and better efficiency without sacrificing quality or reliability.”

The new CXAF heat pumps are available in capacities ranging from 280 to 700 kW and can operate down to -15C producing hot water of 40-45C without the need for auxiliary heating.

Trane says the compact, modular design and reversible technology allows the unit to operate as a chiller during the summer period, reducing the volume of equipment needed in a building and lowering installation, maintenance and total lifecycle costs.

The units offer Eurovent Class A efficiency in heating and seasonal efficiency exceeding minimum regulatory requirements. The CXAF HEat (High Efficiency) version features an advanced suction line gas heat exchanger that boosts heating capacity with virtually no impact on energy consumption, increasing efficiencies in both full load and part load up to 20% compared to legacy products.
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