Trane launches Aries N propane chillers


30 November 2023

Trane has introduced its new Aries N air-to-water propane (R290) chillers in cooling capacities from 175-335kW. 

Louis Rompre, portfolio leader for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, said: “Trane's commitment to delivering breakthrough products leading with sustainability continues with Aries N chillers.

"With no ozone depletion potential and negligible impact on global warming, these solutions raise the bar in technical capability and sustainability in a wide range of applications."  

Propane is a non-toxic, natural refrigerant with a direct global warming potential of 0,02* and zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). In addition, Trane says, there are increasing tax benefits from choosing R290. Many countries offer national incentives and R290 is currently exempt from the fluorinated refrigerant phase-down programme as regulated by the EU authorities.

The Aries N allows customers to further reduce both direct and indirect emissions by using less refrigerant charge per kilowatt of cooling capacity in combination with higher seasonal efficiencies.

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The Aries N chillers are said to complement the company’s portfolio of comfort and process solutions with ultra-low GWP refrigerants like R1234ze and R1233zd(E) units. They feature dual circuit design, EC fans, electronic expansion valves, and semi-hermetic inverter-driven compressors . Additionally, customers can choose from optional features such as Partial Heat Recovery and Super Low Noise functionality.

The Aries N chillers are said to be  suitable for industrial process cooling applications and comfort cooling in commercial HVAC systems. 

 * 100-year GWP according to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), AR6