Trane focus on healthy buildings


02 September 2021

Trane has launched a new range of products and services designed to improve the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) of buildings.

Trane Wellsphere addresses the two main elements of IEQ: Indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort, focusing on optimising the conditions that can affect occupants’ wellness while balancing energy efficiency and other business realities.

Guido De Sanctis, service business leader at Trane Europe, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how, moving forward, addressing occupants’ health and wellness will be a vital part of any building’s value proposition. People are more keenly aware of the environment around them and building owners must look out for the well-being of occupants in ways likely never considered before.

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“While building owners rethink the needs of their occupants, Trane Wellsphere provides them with a holistic set of tools to enhance indoor spaces without negatively impacting energy efficiency, the environment and their operating costs. As we all look to improve indoor environments, we must ensure we’re not negatively impacting the outdoor environment.”

To help building owners, professionals, contractors, and engineers make the right indoor environmental decisions and investments, Wellsphere offers a set of comprehensive IEQ solutions covering assessment, improvement and monitoring.

De Sanctis added: “Trane has always led with the philosophy that every building is unique and deserves an individualised approach; there is no one solution that meets the needs of every space. Trane engineers and technicians design custom solutions based on a building’s unique needs. Whether opting for a fixed or rental solution, with Wellsphere building owners and operators can make an educated choice and invest in the improvements that deliver the best outcome for occupants and the biggest returns for operators.”