Trane claims record chiller efficiencies


12 March 2020
Trane's new Sintesis RTAF XSE chiller Trane's new Sintesis RTAF XSE chiller

Trane has added two new models to its Sintesis range of air-cooled chillers and heat pumps. It says the RTAF XSE and RTAF XSS offer record seasonal efficiency within the screw compressor chiller market. 

The chillers deliver capacities from 360-1250kW with SEER reaching up to 6.41 for the XSE model, up to 51% over the Ecodesign 2021 threshold. The XSS model is designed for buildings with limited roof space and is said to offer powerful seasonal efficiency in a smaller unit size. 

Erik van Oossanen, Portfolio Manager at Trane Europe, said: "We keep on improving our systems’ efficiencies and sustainability levels without sacrificing the quality, reliability or performance. These new Sintesis models give our customers great efficiency gains and contribute to improving their buildings’ energy efficiency. At the same time they help them meet their sustainability goals while keeping their occupants safe and comfortable. All this with better total cost of ownership.''

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The new chillers will be available with R134a and HFO R1234ze refrigerants.