Trane adds to XStream range


10 September 2019
Trane has added new models to its XStream range of water-cooled screw chillers.
The XStream RTHF XSE units offer capacities of 3.0 to 3.6 MW and are said to provide a reliable and efficient alternative for building owners who require higher part load efficiency in comfort cooling applications.
RTHF XSE features innovative Variable Vi (Volume index) technology, which increases the part load Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) by 10 percent compared to models with Fixed Vi, reaching up to 10.1 SEER and up to 10.24 Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV). This makes RTHF XSE the most efficient chiller in the Trane XStream portfolio.
Erik van Oossanen, portfolio manager at Trane Europe, said: “Trane is the only manufacturer on the market today offering high capacity screw chillers with capacities up to 3.6 MW. With the new RTHF XSE units and their highest part load efficiency level, Trane offers building owners a unique mix of cost, energy and operational efficiency, high capacity and reliability to meet their comfort cooling requirements.”

Key features of the new Trane Xstream RTHF XSE chillers include:
  • Variable Vi compressor technology with Adaptive Frequency Drive (AFD) capable of delivering up to 10.1 SEER and up to 10.24 IPLV part load efficiency levels
  • Dual circuit configuration reducing refrigerant content per circuit and increasing reliability
  • Dual Power supply
  • Stable part load without risk of surge
  • Serial counterflow design compatible with the use of variable primary flow and allowing for an even greater system efficiency.
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