Touring the Sanhua Factory, Virtually


04 November 2016
​Visiting factories show you a lot about a business. Sanhua gave visitors to their stand at Chillventa to step into a virtual factory tour of their plant in China using a headset.
​At first, it was an unnerving experience to take a 360-degree tour while standing stock-still. You could see workers on the production line making the company's valves, sensors, filters, compressors, or heat exchangers.

And, you were almost looking over some of their shoulders while they worked, which felt like an intrusion. However, the virtual tour showed an impressive operation with products moving through its clean,  high-tech. It also took you outside to see views of Zhejiang where the company bases itself.

​​What's more impressive is when you realise how essential Sanhua's products are for many air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump solutions in the market. It is safe to say that Sanhua is part of a vast majority of products on the market today.
The family owned company is developing its business in the UK and has reached an annual turnover of around £1 million in the four years it has worked in the country. Although made in China, Sanhua distributes its products in Europe from Poland to manufacturers and wholesalers.

​​Chinese-made products often face scrutiny about their quality compared to products made in developed countries. But, Sanhua's 'failure rate' over the last two years is small. According to their spokesperson, it has been 50 parts per million, or tiny. The company follows ISO procedures and standards, like any other manufacturer with high standards. 
Sanhua is focusing on products that use CO2 and R290 (Propane) for large commercial and small industrial plants, respectively.
The company directly competes with Danfoss. Their core business is reversing, electronic, ball and solenoid valves. Sanhua helps its customers with technical support based in Europe, as well as tools like sizing apps for engineers.

​Find their 'Selection Tool' app on Google Play or iTunes.
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