Toshiba launch new fabric-covered wall mount that redefines air conditioning aesthetics


11 February 2021

Toshiba has launched the HAORI wall mounted unit that it claims has ‘redefined’ residential air conditioning aesthetics.  Complete with a selection of fabric facia covers, the new HAORI range offers a unique take on matching interior design.


Available with a range of different cover fabrics that wrap around the facia and secure in place with Velcro. The options of matching to a room’s décor are endless, using the template provided to create a custom-made cover. HAORI -the new brand that Toshiba have adopted refers to a traditional Japanese jacket that is worn over a kimono by both men and women.


The new range of wall mounts includes a plasma ioniser to neutralise viruses and bacteria along with Toshiba’s Magic Coil with self-cleaning functionality.  The system is designed to operate with the A2L classified R32 refrigerant.  The system boasts an A+++ energy performance with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) of 8.6 and 5.1 Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP).  Noise ratings of 19 dB(A) are listed for quiet mode operation with 41 dB(A) in high fan speed and outdoor noise ratings of 44 dB(A) reducible via a low noise mode.

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Integrated WIFI connectivity means HAORI can be controlled via the Toshiba AC Control app with newly introduced features such as energy monitoring and voice control when used with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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