Tools Talk: Safe way to give your business a lift


24 April 2017
The REFCO LFT-230 lifter has a built-in spirit level and when this is central the legs drop out to meet the floor
Lifting bulky or heavy pieces of equipment to ceiling height prior to install is a critical health and safety consideration these days. Two people lifting and fixing pieces of equipment from step ladders is not best practice, especially when there is now a better solution available.

The REFCO LFT-230 lifter is a portable electric hoist that will lift and position various pieces of equipment, such as ceiling cassettes or outdoor units, ready for fixing. At 20kg the lifter only requires one person to carry and assemble straight from its carry bag. Once in position, it can easily be slid to exactly where it’s needed. Assembly is quick and easy. The top of the mast has a built-in spirit level and when this is central the four legs simply drop out to meet the floor; this creates an incredibly stable structure. The lightweight tubular steel platform rotates freely and standard ratchet scraps can be easily attached, if required.  
Once the piece to be lifted is placed on the platform, the operator can step back from the unit and control the lift with the long lead and variable speed handheld controller. This provides a safe working area round the unit with full view of the lift and helping to avoid potential collisions, especially in confined spaces. When the piece is located safely, the operator can then work from a step ladder and while still using the controller, can make micro adjustments before fixing.

The LFT is not limited to just lifting. It can support or stabilise ductwork prior to inspection. It’s also idea for supporting lengths of cable tray and pipe work before fixing.

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