Tools Talk: Javac Altima-A2L demonstrates power of recovery


01 October 2017



The versatile Javac Altima-A2L recovery unit is designed to meet the needs of engineers in a changing environment.

With the F-Gas regulations now in full effect, there are serious repercussions for the HVAC industry. Engineers may now be aware that R32 made up 50% of the existing R410A refrigerant found in many current air conditioning systems. As R32 becomes more and more common, it is vital that engineers have the correct tools to safely and efficiently do the job. The Javac Altima-A2L has been specially designed to recover R32 and A2L gasses.
Despite being built for R32, the Altima-A2L can also be used with R1234YF, CFCs, HCFCS, HFCS with blends and A&B variations, as well standard refrigerants. Purge and self-cleaning is ‘on the fly’ so there is no need to shut down and the Altima-A2L is prepped for the next recovery. You can also push, pull and sub cool by using this advanced feature.

The flammable properties of R32 and A2L gasses were a constant thought during the design, development and manufacturing of the unit.  A simple spark from an IEC lead being kicked out could potentially cause a spark with huge consequences. This potential safety risk would not be acceptable on any site. To combat this, Javac designed the Altima-A2L to have a built-in 5-metre 240 volt glanded power lead.  This averts any chance of a spark occurring in the unit from the power source. To further prevent any chance of a spark, the unit also comes fitted with UL listed switches.

Safety features
The Javac Altima-A2L features a high torque AC motor and V-Twin compressor with electronic starter. This allows the Altima-A2L to achieve fantastic recovery rates (liquid 216kg/hr, vapour 30kg/hr and push/pull 660kg/hr) At the end of the refrigerant recovery process, activating the LP over-ride switch will allow the system down to pump down into a substantial vacuum, enough to out-gas the system compressor oil.

With built-in safety features such as refrigerant connections that point downwards away from the user’s eyes, thermal overloads and circuit breakers, the Altima-A2L is ergonomically designed with the safety of the engineer the top priority.

Overall, the Javac Altima-A2L is a versatile, ergonomic recovery unit designed to meet the needs of engineers in a changing environment.
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