Tools Talk: DIGIMON delivers


09 August 2017
Dave Kingston, Technical Sales Manager at Javac UK, looks at a cost-effective way of getting a high-quality electronic vacuum gauge.
The refrigeration manifold is the engineer’s mainstay and most will carry both two and four valve, for various applications. Analogue gauge manifolds are great but will always be limited by the number of temperature scales on the dial. With the new GWP quotas now in force, 2017-18 will see lower GWP refrigerants and drop-ins coming in with a rush.
‚ÄčThe REFCO DIGIMON digital manifold addresses this by offering 55 selectable refrigerant scales, covering A2, A2L, A3 and CO2-subcritical, which are identified according to vapour or liquid. This is available at After the required temperature scale is selected, high and low pressure is displayed on screen to class 1 accuracy, in both digital and analogue. Resolution is 0.01bar and the scale will operate between -0.95 to 60bar.

Superheat and sub-cool are taken care of using the K type wire plugin probes or the optional pipe clamp and the display shows a direct calculation, making adjustments to the system much easier. 

Although the DIGIMON offers a basic vacuum gauge on screen, the addition of the DIGIMON-VAC plug–in external sensor upgrades it to the same standard as the REFCO REF-VAC digital vacuum gauge. This is really cost-effective way of gaining a high-quality electronic vacuum gauge, within one instrument.

To complete the set and keep everything safe, the uniquely designed carry case securely holds the manifold and all the necessary accessories, including several spare hoses and connectors.
Technical Data
  • More than 50 refrigerant tables. R410a, R744(CO2), R1234yf, R1234ze and R32
  • Analog and digital display
  • Accuracy: Class 1.0
  • Direct calculation of superheat and subcool
  • Leak test function
  • Backlit LCD display with multiple protection
  • Automatic power save mode
For more details contact the Javac sales team:
[email protected]
T 01642 232880
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