Testo launches all-new range of compact HVAC measuring instruments


22 February 2023


Introducing the new compact handheld measuring instruments from Testo. The new range is perfect for installing and maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems, servicing heating systems, ensuring indoor air quality and measuring pressure across HVAC applications.

Measurement values are determined and displayed quickly via the user-friendly testo Smart App. 


  • Compact design
  • Robust
  • Intuitive operation
  • Print reports on site
  • testo Smart App


  • Measurement results immediately
  • Configuration with the testo Smart App
  • Automatic volume flow calculation
  • Two displays show more than one


  • Digital probes proven in practice
  • Helpful measurement menus
  • Complex measurements, compactly simplified
  • Documentation with the testo Smart App

Air conditioning and ventilation systems

With the new testo 417, testo 416 and testo 425, flow and volume flow measurement in ventilation ducts, at air inlets and outlets and when adjusting balanced residential ventilation is easier than ever.

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More comfort indoors

With the new compact measuring instruments testo 535, testo 545 and testo 625, CO2, illuminance, temperature, and humidity are controlled quickly, easily and precisely, ensuring a healthy indoor climate that promotes performance.

Pressure measurement simple and compact

With the new testo 512-1 and testo 512-2 can be used to measure low and high pressures quickly and precisely, when checking heating systems. The all-new testo 512 manometers offer users a reliable tool for checking filters and Pitot tube measurement on air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Versatile and precise measurement of temperature

With the new temperature measuring instruments testo 922, testo 925 and testo 110 (HACCP-compliant) and the large selection of probes (TE Type K, NTC, Pt100), even extremely high and low temperatures can be measured precisely, quickly, and easily in almost any medium. 

Testo’s new compact measuring instruments are available now.