Systemair launches compact Geniox Go


30 September 2021
Geniox Go size optimised models from Systemair

Systemair has released new size optimised Geniox Go air handling unit models, which it says are designed to provide customers with the best possible solution for all types of project requirements.

By adding external features, the section lengths and overall length of the AHU can be minimised, allowing the product to be easily transported through a standard door opening. 

Amund Ona Gjul, market manager for Systemair Norway, who was leading the launch of the product, said: “With our latest addition to the platform, the Geniox Go becomes ideal for projects that demand compactness and ease of transportation. The section lengths can be reduced to a bare minimum by mounting the dampers, control cabinet, and hydronic heater externally.

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"The result is a Geniox Go air handling unit ready for installation in even the most space-restricted projects. We also provide an easy solution to the old, practical issue of getting the AHU to the place of installation.”