Synapsys adds MQTT to SIP+


11 February 2019
Synapsys Solutions has added MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) to its SIP+ product range.

The small, low bandwidth protocol supports messages from thousands of devices which publish information to a central broker, making it suitable for remotely monitored applications where bandwidth and battery power are at a premium.
It can allow access to sensors for temperature, humidity, occupancy, air quality, fan speed, etc. and aggregate the data received from hundreds of sensors and buildings. It could then apply machine learning techniques to the database of information collected to drive efficiency, predict plant failures before they happen and improve the long term cost and efficiency of buildings and future technology.
Sean Samuel, product support manager for Synapsys Solutions, said: “The technological landscape in our built environment is ever-evolving and we are continuously looking for ways to advance our products and make them as adaptable as possible to future developments. Many organisations now offer third party, cloud based brokers allowing for the simple transfer of data from remote devices using the internet. This makes it possible to collect, store, visualise and analyse data from various IoT platforms. MQTT has emerged as a key player in IoT capability in recent years and it was therefore a natural addition to our SIP+ devices.”
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