Swegon’s answer to simultaneous heating and cooling


10 March 2017
Swegon chiller heat pump heat recovery
Swegon’s Omicron Rev S4 is your one box solution - a heat pump chiller and heat recovery device all in one.

It is the perfect solution for buildings that require simultaneous cooling and heating during warm and cold climates. With modern construction techniques and increased thermal insulation, this is becoming more and more a factor.
The Omicron Rev S4 has two heat exchangers allowing for independent and simultaneous supply to cooling and heating water circuits. With a low ambient operation to -18°c there is also less requirement for a boiler.

Designed to be highly efficient at full load, especially in cooling mode, the Omicron’s outstanding part-load performances are achieved thanks to the partialisation steps and the smart logic developed for it.

Find out more about the Omicron Rev S4 range by visiting www.swegon.co.uk today.
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