Star launches C02 packages for smaller industrial applications


08 May 2018
Star Refrigeration has launched a new range of CO2 packages for smaller scale industrial applications.
Star says the Envi range is one of the industry’s first industrial CO2 solutions to offer longevity along with high performance and a competitive price tag.

It is aimed at applications including temperature controlled storage, food and drink manufacturing, inline freezing and chilling, building services, industrial processes, data centres and leisure and ice application
David Wallace, director of sales at Star Refrigeration, said: “From the initial development phase we strived to respond to market demand by developing a competitive solution which allowed customers with smaller industrial applications to move away from HFCs and use natural refrigerants, without compromising quality or lifespan.

“With over 40 MW of project install capacity, Star Refrigeration leveraged their wide experience in delivering bespoke CO2 refrigeration solutions for industrial applications to engineer the new generation of industrial build, self-contained CO2 refrigeration packages.”

The low temperature Envichill, Envicold, Envifreeze and Envichiller are said by Star to be efficient and long term solutions for industrial applications with capacities up to 300 kW.

  •         Envichill: suitable for temperatures between 0°C and 8°C
  •         Envicold: suitable for temperatures between -22°C and 0°C
  •         Envifreeze: suitable for temperatures between - 40°C and -20°C
  •         Envichiller: suitable for a range of chiller temperatures

The Envichill, Envicold and Envichiller solutions feature single-stage transcritical CO2 packs, multiple semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and Star Refrigeration’s patented low-pressure receiver, delivering enhanced efficiency via semi-flooded evaporator operation. The Envifreeze features a two-stage compression booster system for lower temperatures and enhanced performance.
The Envi range is designed around Star’s low-pressure receiver technology, which means that minimal refrigerant charge and no refrigerant pumps are required in its operation, and follows on from a variety of CO2 projects completed in 2017 for two of the largest bakeries in the United Kingdom and a local pizza manufacturer. All members of the Envi family are alternatives to existing ammonia systems and synthetic HFC refrigerants.
All units come with welded steel pack pipework and base frames and are designed for simple installation, while the component layout and dual pressure-relief valves make maintenance as straightforward as possible.
For more information, visit the Star Refrigeration website.
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