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09 November 2015
Daikin Applied Inverter Screw Compressor - ACR Journal
Daikin Applied Inverter Screw Compressor
Space Airconditioning (Space Air) was one of 177 delegates from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in Rome with Daikin Applied recently.

Daikin Applied showed their new chillers and fan coil units, which they make in Cecchina, Rome, and their air handling units (AHU), made in Milan. 
Chiller production line - ACR JournalChiller production line
Daikin Applied launched their first inverter driven,, air-cooled chiller in 2006. Since then, the business is quickly moving away from fixed speed compressors, Daikin Applied today offers a wide range of scroll and screw compressor inverter chiller capacities. They range from 5kW to 1.8MW.

Their latest inverter screw compressor model is the Sp EWAD-TZ (170kW to 710kW) which has an ESEER of 5.73 and reduces operating costs up to 40% less than comparative fixed speed compressors. Daikin Applied's chillers also now include microchannel condensers coils which have thermal efficiency and need less refrigerant charge.

Daikin Applied presented their range of 'highly flexible' AHUs. The range includes the D-AHU Professional (1,100 m3/h to 140,000 m3/h), the D-AHU Energy (1,500 m3/h to 70,000 m3/h) and the D-AHU Modular (500 m3/h to 25,000 m3/h). One of the key benefits of the Daikin Applied AHU range is the quick return on investment and the ability to tailor them to exactly what customers need.

Neil Afram, Space Air's managing director stated that he was confident that the event in Rome would lead to more specification and sales of Daikin Applied's chillers and AHUs in the UK.

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