Silent+ Mini Lime update


01 October 2018
Aspen Pumps has launched the next generation of its Silent+ Mini Lime condensate removal pump.

In addition to a soft start function, Aspen says the pump includes a range of sound dampening technology with built-in sound adsorbing materials including an anti-vibration pulse damper (patent pending) and an anti-vibration mounted motor. Since the Silent+ Mini Lime only pumps when needed, motor noise is reduced, as well as offering cost and energy saving benefits, in addition to a longer motor life.
Aspen product manager Stuart Newbury said: "The Silent+ Mini Lime is one of our most popular products and we’re sure these great new design advances will mean it remains a favourite for years to come. With unique sound dampening technology and a soft start function to minimise noise levels, the Silent+ Mini Lime is perfect for commercial use where silence is important. Add to this built-in capacitance technology replacing the old float and switch design, coupled with easy install and maintenance and our customers will see the best has just got better.”

The new touch control options offer site-specific commissioning, allowing engineers a choice of mode for the safety switch, either normally open or normally closed. The touch control also offers LED feedback providing a visual operation guide. This allows engineers to check at the touch of a button whether the pump is running and whether the high-level safety switch is operating.
Suitable for high wall split systems, the Silent+ Mini Lime sits in the trunking elbow and offers installation flexibility thanks to its suitability for a range of trunking systems with left or right install options. Maintenance is also said to be made easy thanks to a quick release reservoir and 4-stage filtration is designed to reduce blockages.
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