Sentinel X100 Inhibitor first choice for controlling chiller corrosion and bacteria


21 October 2015
Corrosion - ACR Journal
Although preventing corrosion and bacterial contamination in chilled water systems is vital in order to preserve operational integrity and efficiency, and avoid costly issues, few inhibitors offer comprehensive protection.
Sentinel Commercial, has introduced its award-winning X100 Inhibitor to the cooling market. Benefitting from a superior blend of corrosion technologies and nitrite-free solution, Sentinel Commercial X100 Inhibitor is fast becoming first choice for plant engineers seeking a cost-effective, proven solution to chiller protection.

Sentinel X100 Inhibitor features a meticulously prepared blend of TripleTech™ anti-corrosion technology, a unique formula of heavy-duty, specialist corrosion inhibitors, and is completely nitrite-free.

A premium solution, Sentinel X100 Inhibitor delivers exceptional return on investment by delivering optimum, long-term protection of chiller systems.

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