Second Generation Touchscreen Extends Capabilities for Toshiba


02 February 2021

Toshiba Carrier has released its latest generation Mini Touchscreen controller that extends capabilities over its previous model to target commercial applications.


Initially developed for Toshiba air conditioning in hotels, the Mini Touchscreen room controller has a touch-sensitive interface that operates on the same principles as a smartphone. It is designed to be easy to use and quick and straightforward to install.


The latest version, Series 2, now includes a seven-day timer, enabling users to program up to eight events a day across the week, with the ability to schedule On/Off status, Mode and Temperature settings to optimise both energy savings and indoor comfort. The updated unit also has a frost protection function that maintains a room temperature above 8oC, ensuring the fabric of buildings and their services are protected in the event of freezing outside ambient temperatures.


The Mini TouchScreen uses the same two-wire connectivity as a standard wall controller, so installation can occur without adding an external power supply.

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Selectable features


The unit's colourway can be customised to match room décor, with 30 contrasting backgrounds available to create different moods or messages. Clients can also customise the interface with their corporate images, colours and logos by uploading images via the unit's built-in USB connection. According to the client's preference, the icons and functions displayed on the screen are determined during the installer set-up.


 "The Series 2 adds significant functionality while retaining all the user benefits of the original, enabling mainstream application in offices and commercial buildings – which require more sophisticated scheduling across the week," said Fraser Hymas, TCUK's controls system manager. "We believe that with this facility, combined with its contemporary design, customisation, ease of use and easy-to-clean screen, the controller will prove as attractive for use in offices and commercial buildings as it is in hotels."