Sanhua Electronic Kit: simple like never before!


20 July 2021

Sanhua says the refrigeration sector can expect a major boost to performance, energy efficiency and convenience with newly developed Sanhua Electronic Kit (SEK).

Existing market and value networks are set to be disrupted by this new plug-and-play solution from Sanhua, a global leader in advanced technology solutions for refrigeration industries. Benefits of the new SEK include a choice of up to 20 refrigerants and capacity up to 16 kW – with all required products provided in a single box that delivers ultimate convenience for installers and technicians.

The new SEK comprises SEC controller, LPF electronic expansion valve, pressure transducer (with Packard cable) and temperature sensor, allowing rapid system set-up for virtually all common applications. In addition, with fewer brazed points the risk of leaks is reduced dramatically, providing greater system reliability.

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Additionally, the SEK is completely compatible with A2L refrigerants, while a fully sealed valve body and fast reaction time (for better control of refrigerant glide) help deliver an installation with low environmental impact.

Sanhua adds that any refrigeration installer or technician interested in a complete and simple electronic kit that provides better control, wider refrigerant compatibility and lower energy consumption should enquire about the new SEK.

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