Samsung launches Air Purification Panel


01 December 2020

Samsung has launched an  air purification panel with PM1.0 filter for light commercial and commercial spaces.

The Air Purification Panel contains pleated air filters which are mounted in a Samsung air conditioning system to filter pollutants from the air flow. It can filter dust particles up to 0.3 μm / microns and sterilize certain types of bacteria using an electrostatic charger, providing cleaner air in applications such as office buildings and retail spaces. The panel is available for the Wind-Free 1-Way Cassette, Wind-Free 4-Way Cassette and 360 Cassette. 

Xavier Feys, Vice President Pre-Sales, Business Development, Customer Service and Product Management at Samsung Electronic Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE), said: “Over the last years we have seen an increased demand for improved indoor climate comfort and a growing concern for pollution and allergen levels inside light commercial and commercial spaces. With the launch of our new Air Purification Panel with integrated PM1.0 filter we directly address these concerns. The panel plays an important role in maintaining healthy indoor air quality by filtering harmful PM [Particulate Matter] dust from the passing air, whilst also improving the climate system and its hygienic and efficient operation. I am proud that we are further extending our product lineup with innovative accessories like the Air Purification Panel, as we continue to serve both the residential and commercial market in their need for products which provide clean air year-round.” 

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Three different filters to contribute to cleaner air 
The Air Purification Panel is equipped with three different filters to contribute to cleaner air. The Pre-Filter captures large dust particles, the Deodorization Filter reduces certain unpleasant odours1 and the PM1.0 Filter has an electrostatic charger to capture and sterilize ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 μm / microns. The sterilization performance has been validated by British certification expert Intertek2. The research report of Intertek verified that the Filter sterilizes more than 99% of the tested bacteria captured by it3
PM1.0 Filter 
The PM1.0 Filter captures ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 μm / microns and sterilizes certain types of bacteria that are trapped using an electrostatic precipitator. The filter charges and collects dust and certain types of bacteria. It generates negative ions that give the dust particles and tested bacteria a negative charge, so they become strongly attached to the ground electrode due to the electrostatic force of the collector. The PM1.0 Filter is washable and reusable, providing users with the advantage of enjoying cleaner air whilst saving on the additional maintenance cost of replacing the filter.
Air Purity Levels Indicator
Indoor Air Quality levels can be known and monitored easily with the Air Purity Levels Indicator display functionality on the Air Purification Panel and via a wired remote controller/display. The built-in air purification sensor in the Panel measures the indoor air quality continuously. It displays a colour based on the measured PM concentration range. 
Auto Elevation Panels
Alongside the Air Purification Panel, Samsung is also announcing the launch of the Auto Elevation Panel for the Wind-Free 4-Way Cassette and 360 Cassette. The Auto Elevation Panel provides access to the dust filter on the air-conditioning unit with a single remote click, automatically lowering the panel to ground level. Thus, a ladder is no longer required when cleaning the dust filter making it is easier and safer for both users and installers to access the filter for cleaning. The panel will be available from January 2021. Availability may differ depending on market4.
Indoor Air Quality in buildings and commercial spaces
Samsung acknowledges the importance of proper indoor air quality in office buildings and other commercial spaces. On average, European citizens spend 90% of their time indoors, and research shows that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air5. With the launch of the Air Purification Panel, Samsung is actively addressing the need for clean indoor air. The importance of indoor air quality is further discussed in the new Samsung white paper ‘Enhanced Indoor Air Quality for Office Buildings’. 

1. The Deodorizing filter is only available for the Air Purification Panel for the Wind-Free 1-Way Cassette and not incorporated on the Panel for the Wind-Free 4-Way Cassette and 360 Cassette. 
2. Tested on the AD***797**FN model under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on specific factors and use. The test is recorded under: Intertek report No.: RT20E-S0010-R.  
3. Escherichia coli: above 99%, Staphylococcus aureus: above 99%
4. It is not possible to install the Auto Elevation Panel and Air Purification Panel on the same air conditioning unit. 
5. Source: Introduction to Indoor Air Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency.