Samsung builds on Wind-Free innovation


09 April 2018
Samsung is now offering its innovative Wind-Free technology in a 4-way and 1-way cassette in the UK and Ireland.

The product was launched alongside a new small-capacity 3-pipe Mini VRF.

​After reaching the desired temperature in normal cooling mode, the Wind-Free cassettes then maintain the ideal temperature without direct air flow by gently dispersing cool and still air through thousands of micro air holes.
The 4-way is available as split systems and VRF indoor units in both mini (600mm x 600mm) and  standard size cassette styles. Capacites are from 1.6kW to 3.5kW. The 1-way cassette is available in capacities of 2.6kW and 3.5kW and is an alternative to hotel bulkhead units.

Perry Jackson, Head of Air Conditioning at Samsung UK, said: “Samsung is firmly positioning itself as the industry leader in heating and cooling innovation. We’re expecting 2018 to be an exciting year for the company and expect to make our mark on the industry with our acclaimed Wind-Free technology.”

Samsung has also launched a new small-capacity 3-pipe Mini VRF. The DVM S Eco HR can simultaneously operate cooling and heating in homes or small commercial offices. Samsung says it is also 54% smaller than an equivalent 8HP model, and at 98kg weighs less than half, making it a more flexible system. At launch the systems are available in 11.2, 14 & 15.5kW capacities for use on both 1phase and 3phase power supplies.
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