Samsung 360 Cassette Mobile App will help designers and installers


10 November 2016
​Any designers and installers planning an air conditioning solution using Samsung's new 360 Cassette should find it much easier with the company's new mobile app. 
​The app uses augmented reality to help air conditioning engineers see how they can fit the unit and what it will look like when in place. Installers can superimpose a virtual version of Samsung's new circular air conditioning cassette onto any ceiling. Then, they can change its colour, position, size and angle to show their customers a realistic view of how their site could look.
Contractors can then save and share the augmented reality image with their customers, and even compare it with existing air conditioning cassettes in place. The app includes a gallery of ideal locations that would use the Samsung 360 cassette, such as schools, hospitals, offices or shops.

Samsung introduced its new circular air conditioning cassette in October 2015, and UK contractors are beginning to install it, such as a recent installation in a Starbucks restaurant. Samsung designed the 360 cassettes to deliver a layer of cold air which reduces flow reduction by 25%. The cassette has no blades which mean its produces a 'zero angle airflow', according to Samsung.

Download the app, please visit Google Play.

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