Rob's Reviews: VETO PRO PAC Tool Bag Range


27 April 2016
Rob Green - FSW
Rob Green - FSW
​This month we take an in-depth look at the New VETO PRO PAC Tool Bag range.

With prices ranging from £44.00 for the small meter bag up to a whopping £199.00 inc Vat for the laptop rucksack, we ask, “Can any tool bag be worth paying that kind of money” ?
Rob's Reviews - Veto Pro Pac Tool bags
​First and foremost these bags maybe expensive, but I have NEVER seen a tool bag built to this high standard in the 37 years I been in this industry.
Tech Pac with MB2 & TP4 Attached
Tech Pac with MB2 & TP4 Attached

Top Quality Bags

They simply ooze quality, from the minute you pick up any of the Veto bags you realise immediately the materials they use to construct them are all first class. The waterproof base, weatherproof nylon body fabric, heavy duty plastic zips with oversized zip tabs, industrial strength nylon double stitching and marine grade rivets.

They have really gone to town a delivered a superb quality tool bag. But let’s not get carried away, lets see what the review crew thought when they field tested these bags for a month. The biggest surprise to me was that 50% of the review crew struggled to fit all their tools from their existing tool bags into the Veto Bag they chose to test.

If you intend to buy a Veto Bag then we recommend you choose the correct bag for your needs. Do your homework first to avoid any disappointment.

Pocket Overload

5 Year Warranty

All the Veto tool bags have too many small pockets that you’ll be hard pushed to find anything to put in them. It’s as if the bag designer thought “oh there’s a bit of space there we’ll fit a pocket”. This is evident in the Veto Tech Pac, it could do with another row of screwdriver slots above the lower ones rather than all these little pouches and pockets.

The review crew loved the fact they could immediately see if anything was missing from the bag before they left site. One thing did became very clear, doing this review, was most engineers carried more tools than they actually needed.
​The 5 Year “Zero Downtime Warranty” Veto offer is very good. As long as you haven’t driven over your tool bag, stabbed screwdrivers through it or dropped it from a great height, it’s a relatively hassle free experience.

I was keen to speak to customers who had recently purchased a Veto Bag to see if they had trouble fitting all
their tools from their old tool bag into the Veto. All of them said No. In fact, they were quite surprised when I mentioned the review crew’s concerns regarding the bags capacities.


Rob's Review Veto PAC bags

​That’s why we do these reviews. It is our job to give you as much
information as possible about the products we review. This should then enable you to make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

Veto Tool Bags are not for everyone, some engineers simply won't pay the high prices they charge. But, for those engineers that do, provided you choose the bag that best suits your
needs, you will not be disappointed.

VETO PRO PAC TOOL BAGS Reviewed and rated

​Veto Tech Pac


£198.00 inc vat
Veto Tech Pac - four and half stars
Veto Pro Pac with Manifold
I like the fact you can store your
manifold in the front pouch. Love
the hook to hold bag onto ladder
grab rail whilst you climb up onto roof. Could do with more vertical pockets rather than so many small zipped pockets.

Veto Tech LT


£199.00 inc vat
Veto Tech LT - Four stars
Tech Pac LT Tool Bag
This is a specialist rucksack designed for engineers carrying laptops tablets and paperwork. You keep the hook but lose the manifold pouch and sacrifice tool storage. A very engineer/job
specific rucksack.

Veto Tech XL


£175.00 inc vat
Veto Tech XL - four and half stars
Veto Tech XL Tool Bag
As an ex service engineer the XL is my favorite. Easy to see if tools are missing before you leave site. Carry strap included. Adding a centre storage
pocket for manifold would improve its versatility even more.

​Veto Tech LC


£149.00 inc vat
Veto Tech LC - Four stars
Veto Tech LC Tool Bag
Smaller version of the Tech XL, but great if you're looking to have a go-to bag to store tools for specific jobs, such as maintenance work or commissioning engineer, that doesn’t need to carry loads of tools to site.

Veto OT-LC


£159.60 inc vat
Veto OT-LC - Four stars
Veto Tech OC-LC Tool Bag
For those of you who like open tool bags you won't find a better quality one than the Pro Pac OT-LC. Good bag for both install & service work. Comes with padded carry strap that velcros to the carry handle to stop it dragging in the dirt.

Veto MC


£89.00 inc vat
Veto MC - Four stars
Veto Tech OC-LC Tool Bag
The MC is smallest and lightest of the bags shown on the top row. But perfect for job specific tool set up, such as test meters etc. Ideal for service tools only. Keeps it nice & light when walking to site. Includes carry strap.
Rob's Reviews - Veto bags

​Veto TP4


£55.00 inc vat
Veto TP4 - Four stars
Veto TP4 Bag
The TP4 is a mini tool bag that can be clipped onto the side of any of the larger tool bags
shown above or carried via the detachable rubber handle. Makes a
good diagnostics bag. It was designed to hold a test meter and small amount of tools.

​Veto TP3


£44.00 inc vat
Veto TP3 - three stars
Veto TP3 Bag
When I gave out all the Veto tool bags to my review crew this was the only bag they left
behind. The TP3 may be
the perfect bag for someone. But, for
us it was simply too small to justify paying £44.00 for it. The TP4 is a much better buy.

​Veto MB


£44.00 inc vat
Veto MB - Four stars
Veto MB Bag
The Veto MB is a meter tool bag designed to be
carried alone or clipped onto the sides of your Veto toolbag. I like the
idea that you can create a modular tool bag  system that works with you as and when you
need it.

​Veto MB2


£55.00 inc vat
Veto MB2 - Four stars
Veto MB2 Bag
The MB2 is taller than the MB to accommodate larger meters, digital vacuum
gauge and digital
thermometers. The
MB and MB2 also hold a small amount of tools. I also like the PVC tape straps on all the small bags.


Tech Pac LT with additional MB Meter Bag
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You could argue that having paid £200.00 for a tool bag it would hold ALL your meters without having to pay out another £55 to add more bags.

But, I know engineers that will and I fully understand why. Once you buy into the Veto range you will want to own more.

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