Rob's Reviews: Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale and Socket Sets


22 March 2016
Robin Green FSW
Robin Green MinstR, FSW Refrigeration Product and Marketing Manager, launches Rob's Reviews, an in-depth column reviewing both new and existing products in the ACR industry.
Rob's Reviews - ACR Journal


£149.99 plus VAT


WeyTEK HD Wireless with app

​Seeing the Wey-TEK HD for the first time inside it’s carry case seems odd.

Odd, because for the first time EVER there’s NO hard wired digital controller. In order to use the Wey-Tek HD you first have to download a Free App from the App or Google Play Store, to a smart-phone or tablet.
Once downloaded simply pair the device via Bluetooth. Select your preferred measurement scale and away you go. I have to admit, I was impressed watching the scales react instantly  on my phone as I applied and released pressure to the wireless platform.

The platform is a nice looking solid piece of kit with two easily accessible soft keys 
and it’s showerproof as long as you don’t leave it in the case, If the case fills with water it will enter the battery compartment on underside of  the platform causing irreparable damage. 

Small cylinders fit perfectly on the platform but large cylinders only just. Not an ideal scales if you use large cylinders regularly, but for the odd occasion it’s adequate.

The scale is controlled by the easy to use APP,  you can select weights in pounds/ounces, kilograms/grams, decimal pounds, or ounces only. Set specific charge weights that will trigger your phone to alarm once reached. That’s the benefit of a 30ft bluetooth range as you don’t have to stand over the scales watching it charge. It even has a low flow alarm that sounds if the refrigerant weight hasn’t changed more than 30 grams in two minutes.

The App has a job log feature once selected will record a log containing the site name, amount of gas transferred, date and time etc. These can then be emailed. 

You need to download the operating manual for full details of these features as the scales only comes with a basic quick use guide, but it’s worth downloading.  

There is no specific ipad APP just use the iphone version on your iPad and there’s no plans for a windows phone APP.

Plastic case catches could be better quality but they are replaceable under the 2 year manufacturers warranty. 

Optional handset available but doesn’t offer all the features you get with the APP and it costs an extra £100.00 so not really an optional extra worth considering. 

Wey-Tek HD Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale

Rob's Review - FSW

The more you work with the Wey-Tek HD the more you realise just what a good piece of kit it really is. There is a lot to like about this set of scales. ​Well worth considering.



Bahco Socket Sets

Bahco Socket Sets - Rob's Review

Bahco SL25 1/4" 25pc Socket Set

Five Star Review - Rob's Reviews

£24.99 inc VAT

The SL25 has a good
range of sockets from 4.5 to 13mm, plus T10 to T40 torx, 2 x PH2 & 5 & 6 mm hex bits. 1/4 x 1/4” bit holder, 100mm wobble ext bar and a
120mm long ratchet.
Button lock ratchet stops sockets falling off, great for working in tight spaces. Smooth action ratchet with
soft grip rubber style handle. Decent quality plastic case with foam insert that hold sockets in position. Not so good as a bit set, but nevertheless a highly rated set, awarded 5 Stars for it’s
range of sockets, quality & value for money.
Rob's Review - Bahco SL25 1/4
If you’re looking for a 1/4”dr socket set that fits into your tool-bag for carrying out  everyday tasks, you’ve
just found it, Superb.

​Bahco SL24 1/4" 24pc Socket Set

Four Star Review - Rob's Reviews

£29.99 inc VAT

The SL24 has less sockets than the SL25 but a wider range of screwdriver bits including 3 different sizes of flat, PH and
PZ bits. A nice little knuckle joint, 100mm ext bar with socket lock feature. The ratchet is slimmer & lighter the SL25’s but an inch longer. Inc’s 1/4 x 1/4” bit adaptor with bit lock. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10mm sockets, No 4 & 5mm Hex, No 4 & 5 flat, and No1, 2 & 3 in both PZ & PH Bits and
T10 to T25 torx bits.
SL25L model (not shown) comes with an array of long reach sockets for £43.00 inc
Rob's Review - Bahco SL24 1/4
Very good balance of
sockets and bits, adding
a 1/4” sq dr screwdriver
handle would have made it even better.

Bahco 2058/S26 1/4" 26pc S/Set

Four Star Review - Rob's Reviews

£21.50 inc VAT

This is a true mini socket set that will fit in your pocket never mind your tool bag. Has a tiny reversible ratchet with 8 mm ring on
opposite end. Quick release bit holder can also be used in your battery drill. Set includes 6, 7, 8,10, &
13mm sockets, PH & PZ No 1, 2 & 3 bits No3, 4, 5 & 6mm hex No 4, 5 & 6 flat and T10 to T30
torx Bits. In reality you may struggle to undo 13mm sockets with the
tiny ratchet, but nevertheless it’s a truly versatile socket and
bit set, Great quality at a sensible price.

Rob's Review - Bahco 2058/S26 1/4
Punching above it’s weight, It’s hard not to fall in love with the S26, you may not need one, but you WILL want one, “super little set”.

Bahco S87 + 7 94pc Socket Set

Five Star Review - Rob's Reviews

£175 inc VAT

You won't fit this bad
boy in your toolbox
that’s for sure. This
monster lives in your van ready to be unleashed to tackle any job you can throw at it. It’s the ultimate
comprehensive socket set. Nice selection of both combination and L spanners stored in the lid, and the remaining array of sockets stored in the base. Everything
about this socket set oozes quality, far too many items to list on this review, but check
out the in-depth video at

Rob's Review - Bahco S87 + 7 94pc Socket Set
It isn’t cheap, but quality never is. However it will pay for itself over the many
years you own it, with it’s versatility alone.
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