Rob's Reviews: Compression Tape and Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool


20 May 2016
Robin Green - FSW
Rob Green - FSW
Robin Green MinstR, FSW Refrigeration Product & Marketing Manager presents Rob’s Reviews.

This month, Rob looks at ALFA Compression tape and the Diversitech DP-1 Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool.
Rob's Reviews
ALFA Compression Tape

​ALFA Compression Tape


Five stars review
Diversitech DP-1Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool

Diversitech DP-1
Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool


Five star
  From £19.99 + vat
To appreciate fully what this product is capable of you simply have to watch the ALFA Tape video online. You will not believe how good this tape is at curing water leaks even under pressure. It isn’t sticky to touch, but what the manufacturer calls “self fusing” it instantly adheres to itself when wrapped around a wet pipe. You can use it on electrical cables and it’s perfect for insulating and waterproofing heater connections on evaporators as it copes well with temperature variants. Use it for mains water leaks on ice machines etc. as it’s WRAS Approved for use with
drinking water. The roll is 3.6 long x 25mm wide.
Rob's Review Alfa Compression tape
A product with this capability doesn’t come cheap, and you won't use it everyday, but when you do, it will be the best £20.00 + VAT you ever spent. I have sorted out a number of tricky problems on electrics and plumbing quickly and easily thanks to ALFA tape.
  From £34.99 + vat
​Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the correct flow of OFN through the system when brazing and that is where the DP-1 comes in. Connect the DP-1 to the outlet side of your regulator, set regulator pressure to 50 psi, set DP-1 to purge to remove air from the system. Once purged, set dial to braze and the DP-1 reduces the flow of OFN to allow you to braze without the worry of pin holes popping through the
joint during brazing. It is a compact well made piece of kit easily stored in your tool-bag. Maximum working pressure on the DP-1 is 200psi exceeding this is NOT recommended.
Rob's Review Diversitech DP-1 Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool
We love the DP-1, it’s competitively priced, pays for itself in no time at all. Worthy of it’s 5 stars and a great favourite with the Review Crew, so much so they bought them the day after our review meeting.
Visit the FSW website to find the nearest branch stocking the ALFA Compression Tape and the Diversitech DP-1 Nitrogen Purge Braze Tool
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