RED alert from CAREL


17 March 2020
CAREL's new RED portal for supermarket chains CAREL's new RED portal for supermarket chains

CAREL has launched its next generation of digital services for supermarket chains. With upgraded content, technology and interface, the new RED portal is said to be the ideal solution for controlling systems and reducing management costs. 

Simplification of systems
The level of digitalisation and connectivity now available allows data to be acquired from the installed units, regardless of the unit manufacturer.

The RED portal makes it possible to effectively use the collected data, providing the information relating to each system in a usable and easily comparable way. If not properly processed, the data collected by supermarkets are often complex: indeed, there may be units made by different manufacturers, different environmental conditions, systems with configurations and performance that are never the same as each other developed by installation technicians with different processes, habits and experiences.

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Serena Ometto, After Sales & Services Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “Recognition of critical patterns and identification of improvement actions are tasks for a small number of experts when starting from raw data. This why we want to provide our skills and technologies to help manage such complexity more simply: exploiting decades of experience in real field applications, thermodynamic expertise acquired in laboratory analysis and modern data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, RED provides practical and easily understandable information.''

Preventative maintenance
Using RED, a problem on a system is immediately correlated with the behaviour of similar units installed in the field. Possible malfunctions due to the same cause are highlighted in order to manage preventive maintenance activities before the problem spreads further. 

Manual configurations can prevent retailers from achieving their energy consumption optimisation targets. CAREL says RED can easily identify any behaviour that does not comply with the defined standards and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption.