Quality on TAP with Refco digital gauge set from Javac


19 December 2017
Introducing the new Refco wireless and Bluetooth-enabled digital TAP (Temperature and Pressure) gauge set from Javac. 
The TAP gauge set is an ergonomic and user-friendly instrument, capable of measuring both temperature and pressure from the high and low sides of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The set features a digital pressure gauge that connects directly to the system. The gauges come with a built-in library of over 50 different refrigerants, making the Refco TAP a highly versatile piece of equipment.
The pressure gauges feature a Micro USB allowing the user to update the gauge and add the latest refrigerants on the market. This is vital as lower GWP refrigerants are becoming more common due to the F-Gas regulations. As new refrigerants are released onto the market the Refco TAP gauge set can be updated and continue to be used.
In addition to the pressure gauge the TAP Set also features a wireless K-type temperature clamp. To use, simply clasp the clamp to the pipe, and its digital display will show the current temperature readings for the system. 
The K-type temperature clamp can handle all pipe sizes between 6mm – 41mm (¼” – 1 5/8”). This ergonomic feature is simple to use and can save the engineer valuable time, as accurate temperatures can be taken without the need to disconnect any part of the system.  Furthermore, measurements and calculation of superheat or sub cooling can be shown on the pressure gauge or the app.
Both the gauge and the clamp feature Bluetooth technology that can connect to the new Refco app. To save the engineer time from checking all the parts individually a smartphone app has been developed that can monitor up to six TAP devices at one time. The app is both IOS and Android compatible. Both the pressure gauge and the K-Type temperature clamp can work standalone or with the app.  The devices effortlessly connect to the app via Bluetooth, simply select the refrigerant and the app will display the temperature and pressure the devices are reading. You can then create and build a custom report to suit each site and email the results to the office or the customer, as either a pdf or excel file, allowing the engineer to keep accurate records without the need for paperwork.
The Refco TAP set is at the forefront of refrigeration manifold technology. It is easy to use, efficient and accurate and several versions are available.
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