Purify indoor air and control your AC with Easyzone IAQ


06 October 2021


Airzone has just expanded its product range by adding purification solutions to its catalogue.

Easyzone IAQ is one of the brand's innovative technologies which, in addition to controlling ducted air-conditioning units to provide comfort and saving energy, is capable of neutralizing half of the harmful particles in indoor air thanks to ionization.

What is ionization and how does it work in Easyzone IAQ?
Ionization is the air purification method used by Easyzone IAQ that takes advantage of the natural attraction between negatively and positively charged particles to clean the air in indoor spaces. Easyzone IAQ disperses negative ions throughout the room to bind and neutralize harmful particles. The results of Airzone studies confirm that, thanks to this solution, harmful particles disappear up to 50% faster compared to spaces where no purification technique is applied. 

Power, soundproofing and invisibility: the advantage of Easyzone IAQ over conventional purifiers

Easyzone IAQ transforms conventional ducted air-conditioning units by adding an air purification system. Ducted units expel a very powerful air flow, allowing Easyzone IAQ to fulfill two objectives: controlling the temperature of all rooms independently and distributing negative ions throughout the air-conditioned room to purify the air. This, in addition to its soundproofing, makes the Airzone solution stand out from the rest of the purifiers on the market, which come with the noise problem when operating and take up a lot of space. Easyzone IAQ is hidden in the false ceiling, as it is installed in ducted air conditioning systems.

Energy efficiency, comfort, and connectivity

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In addition to purifying the indoor air, Airzone's new solution brings energy efficiency, comfort, and connectivity to ducted air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings.
Energy efficiency in Easyzone IAQ is achieved thanks to zoning. The system acts only in occupied rooms where a user needs to improve comfort conditions by achieving the desired temperature and air quality. This makes Easyzone IAQ inactive in unoccupied areas and avoids energy waste.

The connectivity is attained in Easyzone IAQ thanks to the webserver, which allows control through voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and from the Airzone Cloud mobile app. The app also integrates Airzone into building management systems known as BMS. Thus, home automation systems such as KNX or Control4 can include Airzone control, both in commercial and residential projects.

Easyzone IAQ thus becomes a versatile tool for the installer by responding to the "all-in-one" concept, as it purifies and air-conditions spaces, while reducing energy consumption and adding comfort to the rooms in which it operates.

In addition, Easyzone IAQ is a Plug&Play technology. All its components are factory-wired to ease the job of installers.