Pulsor steps up to biggest challenge


19 December 2017
refrigerated transport cold temperature control
Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor 600 multi-temperature (MT) refrigeration system has been mounted to a 7.5-tonne truck for the first time. A modified mount kit was created to accommodate the system, prior to entering service with Anglia Crown, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of chilled and frozen meals to the healthcare sector.

The Pulsor units are usually mounted to light commercial vehicles, particularly those on intensive multi-drop urban delivery routes. However, the unit’s combination of high capacity and low weight was best suited for Anglia Crown’s specific requirements, so the company selected the Pulsor for its new 7.5-tonne DAF LF truck.
‚ÄčPaul Robinson, Distribution Manager at Anglia Crown, said: "We wanted a reliable, lightweight unit to maximise payload capacity on the new vehicle. We’ve specified Pulsor systems before, so it was our first choice for this application, despite having never been mounted to this type of truck before. Happily, a solution was found that achieved exactly what we wanted.”

Refrigerated vehicle rental and contract hire company Petit Forestier (UK)  played an integral role in making the new DAF LF compatible with Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor system, working with one of its suppliers to fabricate a custom-made generator mount kit.

“We believed that finding a way to mount the Pulsor unit to this truck type would be extremely beneficial, so we made it happen,” said Pat Skelly, Managing Director, Petit Forestier UK and Ireland. “Anglia Crown’s request was obviously the catalyst but now we’re in a position, alongside Carrier Transicold, to specify the Pulsor for these trucks moving forward, which is great news for the industry.”

The DAF LF is a new addition to Anglia Crown’s 17-strong mixed commercial vehicle fleet – which is 100 per cent Carrier Transicold-cooled. Anglia Crown delivers chilled and frozen meals to more than 100 hospitals across the UK. The new vehicle will primarily operate between the company’s Colchester base and north to Derby and is expected to clock up to 120,000 kilometres per year.

The Pulsor 600 MT offers quick pull-down times across multiple compartments, with Carrier Transicold’s patented E-Drive all-electric technology transforming the truck’s engine power into electricity that provides consistent multi-temperature capacity at any engine speed – maintaining the set point even when the engine is idling in heavy traffic.

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