Portable Air Conditioning Units: Honeywell Launches New Range


07 March 2016
Honeywell HL Portable AC Unit
Honeywell has a new range of portable air conditioners  coming to market, the company announced last week. 

​The new 'HL' range is portable and powerful and will appeal to more 'design-concious' home-owners who need 'spot cooling' around their house or apartment. Honeywell thinks the HL series units will suit homes that don't already have air conditioning units installed. Or, home-owners who want to save energy by not cooling their whole home, only specific rooms using one of the portable units. 
​"Last summer's heat waves helped introduce a whole new audience to the convenience of portable cooling. Our line of Honeywell portable ACs was again ranked at the top of the pack on leading sites like Amazon.com," said Giacomo Calzavara, managing director for JMATEK North America.

​"The HL series is truly a combination of function-meets-modern-style that provides a great solution for our customers who are looking for alternative ways to cool a space."
​The HL series comes in three BTU models, namely 10,000-, 12,000- and 14,000-BTUs, as well as colour ranges including white/white, black/white, gray/white and blue/white. 

They are quiet too, with the 14,000 BTU model operating at 52 dBA. 

The HL portable air conditioning units are available in Spring 2016 and costs between $399 and $599. 
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