Podcast: how to control static by controlling humidity


17 January 2024

Condair has released a new podcast about how manufacturers and commercial businesses can avoid static issues impacting their productivity by proactively managing their indoor humidity.

In this short interview with Business Net Explorer, Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Condair, explains why static build-up occurs at low humidity, the issues it can cause in industrial and commercial situations, and how best to control it through humidification of the indoor environment.

He said: “Electrostatic build-up is much more prevalent as indoor relative humidity drops. This means it can be seasonal issue for manufacturers. Indoor humidity is lowest in the winter, so manufacturers can experience increased problems of materials sticking together, being repelled by each other, or even sparks resulting from electrostatic discharge, during the colder months. A very effective way of dealing with this is to raise the indoor humidity to around 45%RH.

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“Studies have shown that at higher levels of indoor humidity, the static charge caused by activities, such as walking across synthetic carpets, can be reduced by as much as 95-98%. This short podcast explains why and how manufacturers and facility managers can use humidity control as an effective anti-static measure.”

The podcast is available via all major podcast channels, including Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Podcast by searching for “Condair” and also on the Condair website at: www.condair.co.uk/podcast