Panasonic releases Comfort Cloud update


03 July 2024

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has released the latest version of its Comfort Cloud app.

The manufacturer says a standout feature is the updated energy consumption graph, which provides users with a detailed view of their energy usage patterns. This tool helps users identify opportunities for increased efficiency and cost savings. With the ability to set custom electricity rates, users can estimate their bills more accurately. The graph also allows users to access up to two years of heating and cooling data, enabling useful comparisons and better decision-making regarding energy use.

The update also provides a direct link to resources and FAQs, giving users easy access to valuable information. Compatibility with the latest Android and iOS versions has been improved to ensure the app functions seamlessly on new devices. Additionally, the new phone number authentication feature enhances security by ensuring that only authorised users can access and control their heating and cooling systems.

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