Panasonic launches R32 Big PACi


15 July 2019
Panasonic has introduced the Big PACi series of air conditioning equipment in 20kW and 25kW capacities using R32 refrigerant.

The new models include a water heat exchanger option, which the manufacturer says provides an ideal alternative to traditional boiler systems for small retail spaces and office projects that are environmentally conscious.
Designed for easy installation, the new models have a more compact indoor chassis with a reduced depth by 230mm versus the conventional Big PACi R410 range. The compact design still maintains the same level of efficiency overall, with an SEER rating of up to 5.25 and SCOP rating of 3.61.
In addition, R32 PACi includes a split-able duct indoor unit which can be divided into the heat exchanger and fan parts, allowing for easier installation within narrow spaces such as small retail shops. The indoor unit is also up to 16kg lighter in weight than conventional Big PACi R410 model.
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