Panasonic launches centralised controller


10 November 2017
panasonic smart cloud heating cooling controller air conditioning
Panasonic has unveiled AC Smart Cloud, an internet-based remote monitoring system that allows businesses to centralise control of Panasonic heating and cooling installations.
The system has been developed for the commercial market and simplifies the monitoring of installations across multiple locations without the need for specialist software. It has already been successfully installed in hotel, retail and business applications across Europe.
Panasonic says the AC Smart Cloud is fully scalable, quick and easy to set up and can be linked to both new and existing installations. A Cloud Adaptor, which is connected to the Panasonic heating and cooling installations at each premises, feeds information via a central cloud portal directly to the user providing real-time data.
There are two ways to connect heating and cooling units to the cloud server – either using Panasonic’s integrated LAN connection or dedicated communication pack. This pack consists of a professional plug and play router with a built in 3G SIM card. This method does not require a network communication specialist for installation.
This  ‘plug and play’ service is provided by Panasonic to all users across Europe. 

The operations interface offers monitoring of:
  • Temperatures: Optimise climate control and reduce energy costs
  • Running time: Anticipate maintenance requirements and improve energy consumption
  • Breakdowns: Maintenance teams can take quick action to fix malfunctions as they occur
  • Energy efficiency: Reduce CO² footprint and energy consumption
  • Performance: Compare performance across locations and develop best practices
  • User profiles: Device administrators can easily create unique user accounts and assign locations to the network
  • Site floor map: Installations can be viewed via a simple unit chart or floor map of the site, allowing a smooth operation for non-specialist users
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