Panasonic extends voice control


18 May 2020
Panasonic voice control has been extended to more languages Panasonic voice control has been extended to more languages

Customers can now control compatible Panasonic domestic air conditioners and commercial PACi systems by voice in a range of additional European languages. 
Voice control is now available for domestic air conditioners in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, with the additional languages of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian for Google Assistant. 
Homeowners who are used to controlling their lighting and audio with their voice can also include preferences for their Panasonic air conditioning system. Once paired via the Comfort Cloud app, homeowners can use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for simple voice-controlled tasks such as on/off, operating modes, checking operating status or temperature settings.
For the commercial sector, voice control is compatible with Panasonic PACi solutions. From June 2020 users can pre-determine working environments to provide the most suitable climate throughout the day. For example, settings on the Comfort Cloud app such as temperature can be activated by voice command to pre-cool a store before customers arrive. This service can be easily administered by any worker via Amazon Alexa, or by inviting them to join via the Google Home app.

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