Panasonic extends CO₂ cold chain line-up


01 February 2022

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has expanded its CR Series line-up of cold chain condensing units with the addition of medium and low-temperature 4HP units. The range, powered by natural refrigerant CO₂, now provides cooling capacities from 2kW to 16kW.

The units are said to be an ideal solution for a variety of refrigeration applications including chilled cabinets, cold-rooms and freezers in food retail, hotels, convenience stores, gas stations, healthcare (such as pharmaceutical laboratories), industrial (food processing etc.) and warehouses.

Reliable quality

With more than 15 years’ experience in cold chain production, Panasonic's two-stage rotary compressor is unique technology and is designed to withstand extreme conditions, whilst also delivering high efficiency and powerful operation. The compact unit can operate with noise levels as low as 33 dB(A), making it an ideal solution when displaying chilled and frozen goods in customer areas to maintain a comfortable environment. The operating range for this series has been improved to operate in outdoor temperatures as low as -20ºC. 
Flexible installation

The unit has a piping length up to 50m for flexible installation in a variety of settings. Moreover, it has a multi-evaporator connection, 7L inner receiver, and easy duct installation thanks to its one fan design, ready with static pressure of 50Pa. All of this in a compact and light design makes for a first-class solution. The units arrive equipped with an inner connection for the PRV that allows users to leave the PRV inside the unit, or simply extend the pipe outside the unit (note PRV must be field supplied). Also, the new model comes with both the suction filter and filter dryer to facilitate its installation and correct operation.
Sustainable solution

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The range  utilises natural CO₂ refrigerant which is not toxic or flammable and has a ODP of 0 and GWP of 1, making it an extremely attractive refrigerant from an environmental perspective as only natural substances are released into the atmosphere in case of leakage. It also has heat recovery capabilities for additional sustainability. The systems are also compatible with the most relevant control solutions from the market (RS485 Modbus). 

Calculation software

The new units will also be included in the online selection and the CO₂ Refrigeration Designer software on Panasonic’s PRO Club.