Orange added to SmellyJelly range


06 February 2019
acr engineer servicing refrigeration air conditioning
Advanced Engineering has added a new orange option to its SmellyJelly range of fragrancing gels.

SmellyJelly is designed for engineers to add a fresh finish when servicing ACR equipment and Advanced says an improved formula, plus foil-seal packaging, means the gel blocks can survive to 65°c and last for up to six weeks.
The range, which also includes Citrus, Floral, Apple, Morning and Mountsain Fresh, is available for both original SmellyJelly – designed for large fan coil and cassette units – and SmellyJelly Minis for smaller fan coil units.

Advanced marketing manager Andrew Harvey, said: “Unfortunately, with ACR servicing, clients will often fail to notice your great work. After all, your job prevents problems, so that noticeable issues – mechanical failure, and stale, tepid air – are prevented.

“In a competitive servicing market, SmellyJelly is a finishing touch which will get your work noticed. They can make the difference between a good service and an exceptional one – a one-off job, and a returning client.”
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