Next generation from Elta Fans


17 May 2019
ventilation heat recovery indoor air quality fans
Elta Fans has unveiled the latest version of its Air Design PREMA range of energy recovery units in response to the latest update to the ISO 16890 filtration standards.

Elta says the PREMA range boasts the smallest and lightest energy recovery ventilation units on the market, maintaining good indoor air quality and comfortable temperature levels by transferring thermal energy from the stale air to the incoming fresh air. 
The units are available in four sizes to provide an airflow ranging from 0.006 to 0.936m3/s, and are suitable for a wide range of markets and applications, from schools and offices, to restaurants, hotels, and leisure centres. 

The range now boasts improved indoor air quality by including a fine particulate filter on intake as standard. ISO ePM1 55% (F7) supply fine particulate filters are fitted in the units to remove pollutants and provide pure, clean, fresh air that encourages concentration and productivity.

In heat recovery mode, the unit utilises the heat in the extracted air to warm the incoming air to increase the incoming external supply air to the desired temperature for the space or room. In ‘coolth recovery’ mode, the unit utilises the coolth in the extracted air to reduce the incoming air temperature via the heat/coolth exchanger block when desirable. 

A key addition is the dual condensate tray, meaning condensate can be dealt with on both sides of the exchanger block via two separate drain points. This prevents unit internal air leakage and the possible accumulation of condensate on the fan chamber which could lead to poor quality air entering the occupied space.
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